About Evolution Tattoo

Creating custom tattoos is a unique talent that requires a professional touch. With 20 years in business, Evolution Tattoo's team can provide unbiased perspectives that come with years of experience. Our tattoo shop is family-owned and operated, and we offer a wide variety of tattoo styles. We don't just specialize in one style, so we can help you create a tattoo that is truly unique to you.

Our tattoo shop is licensed in California and Arizona. The minimum cost for a tattoo at our shop is $100. We charge by the piece and also by the hour, and the price of a piercing ranges from $60 to $260. We understand that having body art done is a very personal experience, and we will ensure that you feel comfortable through the entire process. We have the artistic eye to make your dream tattoo a reality, so to book your next ink session, stop by or call Evolution Tattoo today!